5/2/2017 I'm working on sound design and incidental music for the Rapid Lemon productions of
Samuel Beckett's Endgame and Darren Donohue's Voices in the Rubble.
The plays run from May 12th through May 21st at The Motorhouse in Baltimore.
4/11/2017 I'm proud to announce that I am a recipient of this year's Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award for Classical Music Composition.
3/20/2017 I'll be providing audio DSP programming and artistic consultation on
Greg St. Pierre's art installation
Communication Gaps, to be premiered at this year's Light City Festival in Baltimore.
3/8/2017 I'm coding a custom software performance interface for composer and good friend Ethan Braun. The piece is entitled Prelude: Memory and Muse, and is scored for electric guitar and actor. This marks our third collaboration on his music, and I'm honored, as always, to work with Ethan again.
2/21/2017 I've signed on with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society as the Audio lead and to provide sound design for their upcoming production The Terrible Secret of Lunastus. Look for it in the fall of this year.
2/1/2017 I recently had the distinct honor of arranging the string and brass parts for the upcoming Future Islands record The Far Field.
It comes out April 7th on 4AD records.
10/1/2016 I composed a song for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society's original production
Brides of Tortuga
The show runs 10/28 - 11/12 at the Chesapeake Arts Center.
3/15/2016 The Frith and Inlé adaptation of Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time will run April 15th - May 1st. I composed the score, provided sound design, and will be playing modular synthesizer and guitar in the live pit ensemble alongside Ruby Fulton and Abby Becker on violin, Rob Neubauer on upright bass, and Dan Taylor on percussion.
1/11/2016 I've been asked to compose the music for the upcoming play adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time by local Baltimore theater company Frith & Inle. Their last play, a stage adaptation of Watership Down, was a beautiful, empathetic work, and I'm very excited to work with this company again.
1/6/2016 Sketchtober, the sketch-a-day project I took on in October of last year, is on my Bandcamp for streaming and download.
1/5/2016 I was asked in the last part of last year to contribute electronics to an orchestral piece by my good friend Ethan Braun. It was recently premiered by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and there's a video of the performance here
11/1/2015 For the past month, I’ve been posting one short musical sketch a day to my SoundCloud page. I called it sketchtober, riffing on the drawlloween hashtag that proliferated across social media.
This is all of them, collected in one place. Some had really interesting elements, things that I hope to develop beyond their initial spark of an idea into actual pieces, and some were failures, either ideas that barely held my attention even as I worked on them, or sketches that collapsed in on themselves when all the pieces were put together. Most were somewhere in between.
I set out with the intention of learning to trust my intuition and working quickly and decisively, things I know I accomplished over the course of the month. What I didn’t anticipate was that trusting my intuition, more often than not, meant falling back on old patterns and habits a majority of the time, whether it was key centers and melodic gestures, synthesizer routings and effects, or even my physical location and posture while I worked. That said, there were a few genuine discoveries while working on this project, ideas and manners of creation that seemed to emerge without forethought or intention that will continue to inform my music for a long time to come, and things that I doubt I would have discovered were I not to have taken this on. I’m looking forward to working on a larger scale.
7/20/2015 I've spent the first half of July working on a new software performance system as well as integrating a new modular synthesizer rig into my compositoin and performance work.
Here is a recent solo improvisation using the new synth, trumpet, and the new software system.
6/23/2015 I've spent the better part of 6 months on the road with Dan Deacon, acting as Technical Director for the Gliss Riffer tour.
I hope to have documentation of the video, projection mapping, lights, and stage craft up in the coming weeks and months, but for now I'm just excited to be home and have the opportunity to concentrate on my own work again.
4/12/2015 Annex Theatre's production of Oh Dad, Poor Dad was an incredible experience, and I'm grateful to director Mason Ross for the opportunity to contribute sound design to such an absurd and surreal work.
Here are some reviews:
The Bad Oracle
Baltimore City Paper
Baltimore Post Examiner
3/1/2015 I'm incredibly excited to be able to say that I'm one of the recipients of this year's Maryland State Arts Council grants for Non-Classical Music Composition.
2/2/2015 I'll be doing sound design and composition for Baltimore Annex Theatre's production of Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad by Arthur Kopit, directed by Mason Ross.
The play runs from 3/19 - 4/12 at the Station North Chicken Box.
Tickets available from Tixato
12/16/2014 I'm really proud to have worked on a short film with Alan Resnick and Ben O'Brien, Unedited Footage of a Bear, that debuted last night on Adult Swim.
I provided lighting effects, blasts of dissonant trumpet, and made my acting debut in the role of "Body". Watch it here
11/6/2014 Serving as the Multimedia Director for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society's original production, The Electric Pharaoh, has been an insane and wonderful fever dream. The show ran for two weekends in Baltimore and one weekend in DC, and will finish up in Philadelphia on November 14-16. Do catch it if you're able. I've never seen or worked on anything like it.
9/21/2014 The tape I made in the Spring of this year, Palimpsest, is now available to be purchased on Bandcamp in both physical and digital formats.
The tape was built from material recorded between 2010 and 2014 in Baltimore, MD and Bloomington, IN.
Take a listen here
9/19/2014 I'm really excited to announce an Impatience Machine show with Ken Thomson's Slow/Fast on Wednesday, October 8th at the Baltimore Carriage House. Ken is an incredible performer as well as a member of the Bang on a Can All Stars, and we're really thrilled to welcome his group to Baltimore.
RSVP here
6/10/2014 I've accepted the role of Multimedia Director for the next production by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society entitled Electric Pharaoh.
Keep an eye out for shows in the Fall.
5/18/2014 I just finished up a new tape release called Palimpsest. Expect a link up with samples and a way to order a copy in the near future.
Here is what it looks like.
4/22/2014 I'm participating in a panel discussion with my tourmates Dan Deacon and Al Schatz on controlling DMX lighting rigs using Ableton Live 9 at Moogfest, from
12:30 - 1:30 on Friday 4/25 at the Masonic Temple in Asheville, NC.
I'll be giving a live demonstration of the software plugins I've developed to control multiple Universes of lighting via Max for Live
12/9/2013 I'll be giving a talk on Wednesday, December 11th at the Peabody Computer Music Department on my live performance software system as well as my work in SuperCollider.
9/22/2013 Taught the Band to Play was a fantastic evening of Beatles-inspired New Music. We also received a very favorable write-up from the Washington Post
8/28/2013 I've composed a series of interludes for Live Electronics for the Great Noise Ensemble's Concert, Taught the Band to Play, based on songs from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The concert will be on September 21st at the Atlas Perfoming Arts Center in Washington, DC.
8/23/2013 I've just returned from Upstate NY, where I contributed some brass and string arrangements to the new Future Islands record. Look for it soon!
4/22/2013 Impatience Machine finished our first record. Listen to it here
3/4/2013 Impatience Machine will be recording our first EP over the month of March in preparation for a short tour at the end of April.
12/12/2012 I recently had a conversation about my work with the new music group outerspaces. Take a listen here.
12/3/2012 My first solo set in quite a while is coming up this Thursday at the Outerspaces Pegasus concert. I'll be performing selections from my solo record The Phonometrician, with Margaret Rorison providing video projection accompaniment.
The concert starts at 6:30 PM at
Mount Vernon Music Space
1015 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD
9/13/2012 I'm excited to announce that I'll be on tour playing with the Dan Deacon ensemble and Height with Friends for the months of October and November. I'll be doing live lighting programming for Dan Deacon, and playing guitar and live lighting programming for Height. Check out the tour dates at
8/30/2012 Check out a profile of my recent work in the Baltimore Fishbowl here.
8/29/2012 Dan Deacon Concert App Released today! I’ve been thrilled to be a part of the development team, and to contribute the Instrument portion of the App. Download it from the iTunes Store, or from Google Play. Here is the offical press release.
6/20/2012 Jonah Beram and I played a set at this year’s Worlds in Collusion at Artscape. Video to come soon.
2/29/2012 My piece To Build Another World for Disklavier and Electronics won first prize in the 2012 Prix d’Été competition. Take a listen on the sound page.
press shot
Patrick McMinn is a composer and multimedia artist living in Baltimore, MD interested in the intersection between acoustic and electronic sound in a live environment. His pieces often involve manipulating or processing acoustic instruments to augment, recontextualize, or magnify their natural character. Patrick is an active performer of his own work, whether in the concert hall or in alternative and DIY venues throughout the country. He also collaborates often in the Baltimore area, performing in the the experimental chamber ensemble Impatience Machine as well as writing performance and composition-based software systems for local artists and musicians.

For booking inquiries, questions, or comments, please feel free to e-mail